Book Review: What Remains by Garrett Leigh

What Remains


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Own
Publication Date:July 4th 2016
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Point of View: Third Person (Jodie, Rupert)
Genres & Themes: MM Romance, LGBTQ+, MM Romance, Amnesia


Web designer Jodi Peters is a solitary creature. Lunch twice a week with his ex-girlfriend-turned-BFF and the occasional messy venture to a dodgy gay bar is all the company he needs, right?

Then one night he stumbles across newly divorced firefighter Rupert O’Neil. Rupert is lost and lonely, but just about the sweetest bloke Jodi has ever known. Add in the heady current between them, and Jodi can’t help falling hard in love. He offers Rupert a home within the walls of his cosy Tottenham flat—a sanctuary to nurture their own brand of family—and for four blissful years, life is never sweeter.

Until a cruel twist of fate snatches it all away. A moment of distraction leaves Jodi fighting for a life he can’t remember and shatters Rupert’s heart. Jodi doesn’t know him—or want to. With little left of the man he adores, Rupert must cling to what remains of his shaky faith and pray that Jodi can learn to love him again.


This is my third attempt at this review. Third time’s the charm, right?

What Remains is the type of book that you just have to be ready for, you know. It’s not for everyone. It definitely wouldn’t had been for me a couple months ago, definitely not when it published, and that’s why it’s been in my TBR pile for so long. And then, something just aligned and I started reading and wow.

Confession #1: I hate reading the chronological of events of accidents. I don’t want the bracing impact of the cute-meet, the dating, falling in love, and then the accident, and the aftermath. Like I said, I’m bracing throughout the novel until the actual impact, when I just want to know about the accident, and the aftermath.

Garrett Leigh delivers in the poignant novel, one that brims with hope and love. Because Jodie and Rupert captured my heart and promised to not let go. It’s brilliant in that whilst the accident is happening, so is the cute-meet, and whilst the aftermath is rearing it’s head so is the falling in love.

I think all of this coalesced together and equal times just made it that much harder, and that much more heartfelt. The reader can understand the conflicting emotions that Rupert must be feeling, how hard it is for him. Imagine, imagine that you find out your partner has been in an accident, any accident, and then finding out is critical. You’re just hoping they will wake up, and then they do, but something is missing, and that something is you.

And you, in this case, is big. Is everything. Jodie forgets Rupert, and with his memories comes another guy. One who believes he’s still with his girlfriend, one who is harsh and brash, when he was once bright and full of life.

There’s so much to say this novel, but it would come with spoilers, because it’s hard to not want to talk every detail. Know this—it is beautiful, equal parts hurt but also sweet. Through it all Rupert is there, and never once did he go angry and take it out on Jodie. As for Jodie, I just want to hug him. I just want to hug them all.

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