Book Review: Will & Patrick Meet the Family (Wake Up Married #2) by Leta Blake, Alice Griffiths

Will & Patrick Meet the Family (Wake Up Married, #2)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: Own
Publication Date:November 10, 2015
Publisher: Leta Blake Books
Point of View: Third Person (Will & Patrick)
Genres & Themes: Romance, M/M Romance, Contemporary,  Novella, Comedy, Wake up Married Trope


Follow Will & Patrick as they cope with the fallout from their Vegas wedding in this second installment of the romantic-comedy serial,Wake Up Married, by best-selling author Leta Blake and newcomer Alice Griffiths!

Meeting the family is challenging for every new couple. But for Will and Patrick, the awkward family moments only grow more hilarious—and painful—when they must hide the truth of their predicament from the people they care about most.

Throw in the sexual tension flaring between them, uncomfortable run ins with Will’s all-too-recent ex-boyfriend, an overprotective mobster father, and a mafia spy tailing them around Healing, South Dakota, and you’ve got a recipe for madcap laughs and surprisingly heartwarming feels.

Episode 2 of 6 in the Wake Up Married serial.

Revised edition uploaded 12/31/15 to correct a continuity error.


“He pops it in his mouth, grins widely to call Patrick’s bluff, and then promptly gags. His mouthful ends up next to Patrick’s on the napkin.

“Oh God, that’s disgusting.”

“The offerings of Healing,” Patrick says, holding the napkin up toward the ceiling, and closing his eyes as though in prayer. He then takes the napkin and the remaining sushi to the bathroom. Will laughs as he hears the sound of the toilet flushing.

“The porcelain god was happy to accept the sacrifice.”

You know when you’re having such a good time that you forget to document it? That’s what the Wake Up Married Serial feels like. I’m almost wincing as I write this review because I’m currently finishing Episode 3 and itching to start Episode 4. What’s worse is that I don’t want to write the review because it takes time away from reading.

“ God, you’re bossy.”

“I’m also hungry.”

“You’re a bottomless pit, and I refuse to enable you much longer.”

Episode 2 starts off right where we left off from Episode 1. I’m happy to report that Patrick is still as sassy and grumpy and blunt as ever, and I still love him for it. He oozes asshole, and one thing that I love is when assholes are written correctly; a cold exterior, but warm on the inside. And Patrick is exactly that.

I think for most of the serial I’ll just be a Patrick gushing fest, there’s no bullshit with him and I live for it. Now, it isn’t that I dislike Will, or that I don’t like his character, quite the contrary actually. I find him intriguing and I want Patrick to just talk some sense into him, to show him how wrong Ryan and his mom and his Uncle Kevin are about him needing other people to take care of him.

Actually I’m quiet pissed with the latter trio. Ryan and his shaming/abuse has me turning into a fury, and though I wish Will would letting him go, I know it isn’t realistic. There’s verbal abuse there no ifs and buts about it, he has conditioned Will into thinking that he needs him, that he’s not worth it and just it’s all just plain nasty. In fact, this two ladies are brilliant and how in such a short time they make me feel pure hatred and on the same coin the make me laugh louder than I have during a book.

That’s the heart of this series, thus far—the banter, and chemistry, between this two. The pacing is so well done that I could feel the mounting tension just waiting to……exactly, you’re waiting for the ending aren’t you…Well, that’s me waiting for Patrick and Will to get their honeymoon phase started.

“I don’t want it in our hotel room. I don’t want it anywhere near you. It’s trash.”

“That’s my history. That’s who I was; who I used to be.”

“And if that’s a fond memory for you, I’d say bring it along. But it’s bullshit that you need to shame yourself into being a good man. You are a good man. Chubby or not.”

Patrick is out there imparting wisdom left and right, however callous he delivers it. But Will changes with Patrick, or at least he’s showing signs of changing and that’s because Patrick doesn’t allow Will to shit of himself.

“Don’t beat yourself up over things you did last year or the year before that or ever. Be done with every time but this time.”

This about the best and most honest quote ever and I’ll try to remember this verbatim because wow.

Edit: Okay, by the time I finished this review I’m already 30% in Episode 4. OOPS. #sorrynotsorry.

Final thoughts: this serial is addicting and I have no regrets.

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