The Wolves Will Devour



I’ve been working on this fanfic for a while, and I finally have it where I want it….well the first chapter, that is.

I’m currently working on chapter two, but for now I want to share it with you guys.

Feedback, love, and all that jazz is always welcomed so let me know what you think of the first chapter.


A misstep, though, had him careening of the ladder. It wasn’t so much a dizzy spell again, as it was that he felt the ground rise up, gravity and his body spinning and spinning. Readying himself for impact, Stiles scrunched up his eyes against the pain that never came, instead all he felt was Derek’s firm and hard body underneath his own.

 A second after being cushioned by Derek, the pain came, from what felt like the edge of a hardcover colliding on the back of his head. He rose up onto his elbows, groaning against the sting the book had left behind. Anyone who thought books weren’t dangerous were wrong, they were weapons. He felt lightheaded, the shock hitting him harder that the impact of the book or anything else.

 Stiles collapsed on Derek’s shoulder, laying his cheek against it and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of his body pressed against his. Which rude, so inappropriate. But Derek was dark heat and delicate layers underneath him.

 Neither spoke, nor made to move off the other. Except he knew he’d broken at some point, knew it since he walked through the wooden doors of the cafe. Since he made the decision to look for Derek, really. Frankly, it was all too weird.

 The pause went on for too long, and he was about to say something, some sarcastic quip, anything. Instead the last thing he wanted to talk about came out, willingly, to the last person he expected to be talking about it with.  “You would think that after everything I’d be dying to sleep. Sleep depravation and all…but I can’t.” He still had his eyes closed, against the words he was speaking, against Derek’s reaction. “I’m scared. Afraid of what will be there, of what won’t.”

 Stiles’ eyes shot open, body locked up, when he felt himself enveloped in Derek’s arms. After a moment he sank in to the warmth that he provided, nuzzling Derek’s collarbone, absorbing his smell deep in to his bones. So the coldness that pervaded within him could be overpowered by something far stronger.

In that moment, he was terrified. Of how much he liked the way Derek’s arm and heat folded around him. As if he had no intention of ever letting go.

 What scared him more was how fine it was by him. More than fine.

Read Chapter 1: Getting unpossessed shouldn’t feel like shit


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