Shadowhunters “Malec”: Best Episode by Far

Do you even need the #spoilers?






I can hear the deaths of so many viewers because of this kiss, let alone episode. I don’t think I’m being hasty by saying this is the best episode of the entire season.

What do we learn, kids?

  • that kiss incinerated us all, like 100% would recommend doing again…and again
  • simon was totally on board on this ship (captain s.s malec lewis)
  • lydia might actually be goals and i’m for her joining the fam
  • simon might just be a tad gay #saphael anyone
  • i mean they’re already borrowing each others clothes

In this episode we got Jace saying things like, “I was falling in love with her,” something like that and where, ouat, Alec would have been angry and heartbroken by it, instead all he was thinking about was Magnus.

This episode and my attention might have been focused on malec, but I have to say the crew and writers all delivered an amazing performance. Shout out to the writers for making a character like Lydia. One that just wanted the best for Alec and she showed us all.

As for Jace x Clary?


Want some more reactions?

you go, bro!

Simon’s caption later that night: #otp #fangirling #totallylikethegraduate

mama bear: oh shit.


Proud of you, brother. With a stellar reaction brought to you by brother Jeremiah.

Oh, right….other things are happening…

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.11.14 PM

*GIF’s by matthew-daddario



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