Book Review: His Favorite Color Is Blood: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem #8) by K.A. Merikan

 His Favorite Color Is Blood: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem, #8)My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Received: Own
Publication Date:February 10, 2016
Publisher:Acerbi & Villani ltd
Point of View: Third Person (Grim & Misha)
Genres & Themes: MM Romance, LGBTQ+, Contemporary, Disability, Dark, Fetish


— When life gives you blood, make mayhem. —

Grim. Assassin. Leather-clad sex god. Has the most unusual taste in men.
Misha. Mutilated. Afraid. Will never trust again.

Grim is a bloodthirsty killer, and he owns it. Gay in a world of outlaw bikers, he firmly stands his ground if anyone dares to cross him. He takes pleasure in showing homophobes their place and fucking his way through a life of carnage.

But there is a part of him always aching for something he cannot get. When by chance he saves the most perfect guy he’s ever met, he is not about to let him go. Even if it means he needs to smother his broken bird.

When a masked, bloodstained man rescues Misha from captivity, he doesn’t know if he should thank the menacing stranger or stab him and run. Grim is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer, and Misha might now be in more danger than when he was trapped as a sex slave.

Misha cannot deny though that Grim is as alluring as he is frightening, and once Misha realizes what power his body holds over Grim, he understands that taming the beast of a man could be within his reach.

But any possibility of a future together is like a house of cards when Zero, the sadistic crime lord who destroyed Misha’s life, sets out to get him back.

Will the ruthless biker assassin at Misha’s side be enough to conquer the monsters from his past?


Themes: Outlaw motorcycle club, organized crime, assassin, chase, disability (amputee), devotee, revenge, redemption, kidnapping, road trip, fear, hurt/comfort, past abuse
Genre: M/M dark erotic romance, thriller
Length: ~110,000 words (STANDALONE novel)

WARNING: This book contains adult content that might be considered taboo. Strong language, violence and torture. Reader discretion advised.


“What do you think? Am I a good person?”

“I don’t know yet.” {…}

“I’m not,” said Grim coolly, “but that’s why I can keep you safe. I’m afraid of no one.”

Dark reads aren’t something I generally read, there’s something gritty and harsh that I connect it too and automatically think I won’t be able to take it. His Favorite Color is Blood might have changed that, because if this is what dark and gritty is then I’m requesting ten more.

Grim is a different kind of hero, I don’t think he’d even categorize himself as that except for being Misha’s her. I think he’s a league of his own. Or maybe he’s more of an antihero, but with a particular fetish. And honestly, I thought the fetish would be a break dealer for me, but maybe it was the fact that I knew going in what it was that just made it just something that Grim liked. It was something new that I read about. Did I understand it? No. Do I in anyway get it? Not really.

If you’re okay with an amputee fetish (I feel like this should be given away as a trigger warning of sorts, so if you wanted the reveal then oops.) then I think this book will be as enjoyable as it was for me, because this book is all sorts of amazing.

Misha is this really amazing, brave, if a little bit wounded soul that I couldn’t have picked a better guy for him. His past and former life until Grim was despicable, it was hell, and it was harsh and horrendous. Despite that, once he has escaped with the help of Grim, you can see him grow. You can see his battle with trying to figure out who he is when he doesn’t have to be the guy all this creeps and kidnappers and rapists want him to be. He’s sarcastic, and angry, and sweet, and full of life. He’s also scared of life, but with the help of Grim he blossoms.

“You called me a creep, and it was half an hour ago.”

“I was angry.”

“You’re the worst at compliments. I don’t know whether I should slap you or shed a tear.”

At least Grim managed to elicit a little smile out of the fucker.

I also understood when he pushed the boundaries with Grim, as if testing him how far he’d let him go. He hasn’t had any freedom over himself and his body for the last five years, so when Grim isn’t like the kidnappers and rapist he’s been imprisoned to, Misha is at a lose of sorts. The way Grim looks and the murderous self he is makes Misha a bit scared and IMO I think Misha wants to see if he’s truly free whilst being with Grim.

“You should have a travel blog.”

Grim laughed, his eyes following the handsome face. “it would be called Bloody Trail Through America.

The plot, the storyline, the backstory, everything is an experience. And a thrilling one at that. But the characters are what made this story so amazing to me. They way they interact and the way they’re always consistent to their characters. Grim is who he is and he never changes that. He’s dark and he’s a self proclaimed sociopath, but he’s sweet and just the most beautiful as to how he treats Misha. He’s a bit clueless at times, and that’s when Misha comes in. See, Grim is obsessive and pushy, but Misha never takes that he pushes back and he’s a little shit at times, but together they get each other.

“Finally, brought to the prince’s castle.Or…the dragon’s lair? Where he hoards all his precious things?”

Grim smirked. “You’d be surprised. I’m too stingy to gather things I don’t need,”  {…}

“I meant myself,” Misha said flatly. Maybe he wasn’t that precious after all.

Grim blinked. “Oh…okay? I thought you meant like…clothes or…a stamp collection?”

Misha shook his head. It looked like his attempts at flirting weren’t hitting their target, so he’d better shut. Chatting to horny guys on a webcam was much easier.

Grim nuzzled his jaw. “You don’t belong in a collection. You’re one of a kind.”

The romance and the sex is honestly so well done and written. Grim is well-endowed, if a bit too much, so they have to get creative and let me tell you one scene in particular is highlighted… Look for that scene when they have a guy in a trunk and they get up to sexy time.

As to the writing…yessss. There is one spoilery moment that I won’t tell, but I kind of knew it since the beginning but they write in such a way that makes you doubt yourself, and when you’re back on track they do something that makes you hmmm, maybe I’m wrong and the reveal just made me go back and reread some passages that confused me and just shed some light. Soy Chai Latte good, if I do say so myself.

K.A. Merikan wrote a thrilling and captivating story with two characters that although one makes you doubt your morals and such, you can’t help but love and root for them. The suspense and wrongness of it gives you chills and thrills and makes it all feel so good. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more on this series and I won’t be staying away from dark reads, that’s for sure!

PS. This book wasn’t nearly long enough, so keep writing them long ladies.

Favorite Quotes:

“Is this a date?” Misha yelled as he got down to the floor when he couldn’t reach the last drawer from his wheelchair. His heart trembled with excitement. He’d never been on a date before he met his murderous Prince Charming.

Grim yelled back,”Obviously. I promised you an evening of surprises, didn’t I?”


“Fuck. There’s nothing I can say that won’t be taken against me, is there?”

“You could always lie and say I’m funny and have a lovely personality.” Misha wiggles his eyebrows.


“I smell fear,” he whispered sounding happy about his discovery.


“His face was a monstrosity that made Misha think it was Death himself coming for him.”


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