Book Review: Let the Wrong Light In by Avon Gale

Let the Wrong Light In

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Received: Own
Publication Date: September 25th 2015
Publisher:Dreamspinner Press
Point of View: 3rd Person (Avery)
Genres & Themes: M/M Romance, LGBTQA+, Erotica, Kinky, BDSM, GFY


Avery Hextall, a junior architect at a prestigious firm, is thrilled when his design is chosen for a new performing-arts center—even if it means working closely with his insufferably uptight project manager, Malin Lacroix. When a chance encounter in the boss’s office proves that Lacroix is anything but cold, Avery is determined to learn more about the real man beneath the aloof veneer.

Despite their growing attraction and their increasingly kinky encounters, the enigmatic Malin remains as emotionally distant as ever. Worse, Avery’s friends are convinced Malin thinks of Avery as a dirty secret and nothing more—a secret that might destroy both of their careers.

But the real secret is a single moment in time that haunts Malin and keeps him from committing to the life he wants with Avery. In order to move on, Avery must help Malin come to terms with the tragedy in his past before they can work on building a future together.


I was not prepared, not in the slightest. Tell me if by looking at the cover you don’t expect something light and slightly angsty, but nonetheless something that will leave you feeling happy and fluffy. That was not the case with Let the Wrong Light In. I must have skipped the blurb, because I wasn’t even expecting the kink factor. In fact, I didn’t expect much of what was going on, and that was the best experience.

Imagine this: Lusting after your boss. A boss that you absolutely hate. Love it, right? Okay, so we have boss kink, and then we have major, intense kinks.

Whatever you’re doing right now leave it and pick this book up. Get a sample, because that’s all you’ll need to fall for this book.

“What is it you want?”

“You,” Avert says before he can think better of it.


(…) “There’s really only one obvious answer to that, you know.”

Malin watches him, looking wary, and takes another drink of his beer. “Is there?”

“Your shower,” Avery answers, deadpan.

Avery Hextall is a young architect, who is fed up with his boss, Malin Lacroix, rejecting all of his proposals and decided to do something about it. The think about Avery is that he’s impulsive and the think about Malin is that he’s cooler than ice, impenetrable, even.

Things quickly turn….for the better. That’s when things start to blur and you find yourself in this intense relationship, that really isn’t a relationship. Avery is charming, funny, and can’t shut up to safe his life, but you can’t help but to like him, as does just about everyone. As for Malin, you can’t quiet figure him out and his motives at first, but as things unfold and the relationship progresses you find out that there is more to Malin, so much more. First impressions can be very deceiving when it comes to Malin.

It’s totally not gross.

The kink didn’t bother me, though I do feel I need to warn you that there’s choking, slapping, belting, and such. The only part that scared me at first was how scared I was for Avery, and quite frankly they were both idiots in this regard. Avery chose to not listen to Brandon when he told him that there had to be rules and safety. And Avery and Malin entered a world they had no knowledge in, didn’t know what to do. But fear not. The author knew what she was doing, planned everything out and we, the readers, experience that.

There definitely was character development in this novel, because Avery wises up and he’s no punching bag for Malin, and from then on things are so perfect. Not in the literal sense, because there are more trials and secrets and hurdles to work through, but this two were amazing.

I’m in shock that this is written by a “newbie” author because I already can’t wait for his book, and I’m holding out for maybe a sequel, because I would really love to see this two as an established couple.

The minor characters were amazing as well, I was totally invested in Brandon and Justin’s relationship. But more than that I loved how Harlan, Brandon and Justin had Avery’s back. Looking out for him and not letting him accept what he thought he deserved.

Look for this author and definitely check it out!

“I thought you couldn’t sleep if there was too much light?” Avery asks.

“Only if it’s the wrong light,”


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