Book Review: Diamonds (Life According to Maps #2) by Nash Summers

Diamonds (Life According to Maps, #2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Received: ARC provided by Author
Publication Date: October 16th 2015
Publisher: Unlisted
Point of View: Third Person (Maps)
Genres & Themes: MM Romance, LGBTQ, Young Adult, Short Stories, Novella


Maps’ kingdom is crumbling before his eyes.

His parents are forcing him to get a job, there’s a new kid at school who won’t stop staring at him, and his best friend is too busy thinking about girls to help Maps deal with his real problems.

Worst of all,

Maps is lost.

And none of the roads on his map are leading to Lane.


Remember the lovely, insane, if a bit hazard, world of Maps? The one with the sassy banter and rather witty and romantic short story that had my heart since the first dramatic sentence? By now I’m not sure if I wrote a short summary in my mini-reviews segment or if I drafted so many reviews on a shortie I’ve read about three times now (and that’s just this year, imagine down the road).

Guys. Look at that cover, just that alone should make you want to read this lovely series. Yes, I do mean both.

Puppy eyes do work, guys. Never have I been happier for that, because I don’t think I could spend October wishing it away until the 16th (I already stalked my email long enough, mind you). I’m leaving my evening class and checking my phone when angels sang and time stopped and a spotlight was fixed right on the email notification reading Diamonds ARC.

Guys, I completely devoured that book. There I was—falling all over for Maps’ world and his amazing banter. I was completely hooked since the beginning and I couldn’t stop laughing. Maps is the same as ever but faced with his rapidly developing feelings for Lane, something he never thought about before since his life consisted of trying to kill his mother with a heart attack with all the creative and inventive experiments he came up with.

Seriously, Maps’s brain must be a hell of a fun time to be in. The thing is that you can’t ever predict what he’ll say or think. Sure, he’s out there and unpredictable so you predict that (confusing, huh?), but then he goes and completely blindsides you and just makes you laugh because the kid pulls it out of nowhere or somewhere, really.

I bookmarked so many funny scenes with Maps and his parents, and Maps and Benji, and Maps and Sprinkle, and Maps and Perry, and Maps and Lane (you guys get the point). He doesn’t stop being his dramatic self, and a very big fat liar who was totally sulking, by the way.

For all of us who fell for Maps, Lane, Benji and maybe the devil’s spawn, this book doesn’t disappoint. If anything—and I’m sorry, Nash—it’ll just make you want a continuation to Life According to Maps, especially towards the end of the shortie (I read the last 20% about three times, because I was just squealing).

Nash Summers is that writer who can write about Coca-Cola and make it funny, and quirky and poetic, somehow, and you’ll be there for every second of it. Translation? I’ll be reading everything Nash Summers. I don’t have many automatic authors, and until recently didn’t believe in that, but with Nash, well sign me up.

Maps is so endearing and full around an amazing person, nevermind how childish he acts. The thing is Nash knows that although Maps is a genius and brilliant he’s also really oblivious to the world around him, but despite him being a senior you can understand how he can be so far behind from the world but at the same ahead of its time. He really only cared about his experiments and trying to make his world into maps and science sheets so being up to date with society is not on one of his lists….until Lane. And those two are seriously adorable. Like Benji said they’re made for each other.

Anyone else out there who wants more on Life According to Maps ( a pretty crazy one at that)?

*ARC kindly (super) provided by Author*


Pre-order the book here!

Maps (Life According to Maps #1) here!


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