Book Review: Afterglow (Up-Ending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery #6) by Kora Knight

Afterglow (Up-Ending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery #6)My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Received: ARC provided by Obsessed with Romance
Publication Date: September 30th, 2015
Publisher: Unlisted
Point of View: Third Person
Genres & Themes: MM Romance, LGBTQ, Erotica, Kink, Short Stories, Novella, College


With his secret out and uncertainty behind him, Tad finds himself in this new, incredible place. A place where, finally, he can just be himself. Which means no more over-analyzing every feeling Scott stirs inside him. Because now Tad has the confidence to act on them instead. To be with the guy that he’s head over heels with in every imaginable way. In public. In private. Without any reservations. An internal freedom he never knew existed until Scott came and unlocked the door. Experience their story’s final installment, filled with playfulness and promise, laughter and love. And, yup, some of that hot stuff, too.


“Because even in the afterglow, atop tangled sheets, they still needed more.”

Finding about Afterglow had me all kinds of excited. This fluttery, giddy feeling that lasted for days, and every time I thought back on how any day in late September I would have this book in my hands (via kindle) made them alight anew. Each time. That’s how serious I am about because I downright love. After some vigilance, we’ll say, on Kora’s twitter I found out that there was going to a blitz opportunity and I’m there like, “Sign me up, sign me the hell up!” What do I find there? Guys, an ARC surprise. So, there I am holding on for days waiting to see if I would be approved and then whilst leaving work I find the best news on my email box.

Things take a turn whilst reading this book, though. I’m here eagerly turning the pages, percentage climbing, story diminishing and my heart starts pounding. I’m sitting there thinking back on Tad and Scott’s journey. How far Tad has come. Here we had this fratboy who lost a bet standing in front of this guy’s steps waiting for some kinky stuff to happen, fast forward to some of the most amazing sex scenes, then to the fleshing on a story that was dubbed erotica and finally to the end of their story. And it broke me. In the best way.


Afterglow had the blistering heat of its former books and the promising heart that made me fall in love with the series. We still had the scorching sex this two engage in, but we also have tender moments, well as tender and romantic as this two can get, and we also have their feisty personalities ever-present.

Kora gave us everything and more. Honestly, she does not disappoint. She gives an insight of the new light this two shed on their burgeoning relationship and what they could be. But she retains what made them fall for each other: Tad’s shyness, the banter, Scott’s commanding presence, and you’ll have to read on and find out.

“Sure,” Scott chuckled. “But you can’t call me Daddy.”

What could they possibly be talking about, hmmm…

I can’t be too spoilery with this review, but I urge you to read this series if you’re new and to continue if you’re returning because this fleshes their story even more. Kora built a friendship and relationship with this two and I’ll honestly miss this two punks.

Just to let you know how good this was, I’ll tell you know that Kora Knight will be an automatic buy in my book. Give me Sean and Max (please do), give me some of Kai and Breck (Hell to the yes!) and I’ll eat it all up. 

“He’d won for losing on the most monumental level.”

I still want to pocket Tad and Scott and keep them with me forever. Or like Macie, let me get a video.

Buy Afterglow Here

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