Seized & Devoured

Seized & Devoured

Friday morning brings this lovely news to you, I’ve decided to publish my WIP story, Seized & Devoured. Okay, publish seems a bit exaggerated, since it’s only in Wattpad, but it’s a huge step! I’m freaking out and there is even butterflies!

It’s just the first chapter, but I’m in that stage yet again of just feeling like I just plain suck. All writers know about this feeling, so in an attempt to feel better and to have some kind of motivation I’ve decided to do a trial run of sorts, so if you guys just want to support me by reading or letting me know what you think, I’ll prove a link.

P.s. fear not for reviews, there will be one later today on a lovely ARC provided by Netgalley. Also, Afterglow by Kora Knight has a release date: September 30, 2015!

Link to Seized & Devoured


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