Revamped Covers for Upending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery Series + Cover Reveal for Afterglow

Here I am, on a Monday afternoon scrolling through Goodreads browsing for new books and what do I find? The best news ever that is—Afterglow, the sixth and final installment in the Upending Tad Series has been revealed. Mind you, I didn’t even know there would be an additional book. I mean, I hoped, we’d get more of this sizzling couple and an established one at that so I’m counting down the days and stalking Knight’s social media till then…..unless she’d one to gift me an ARC for it, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll be checking every day.

Not only that but if you’re reading this, then I have a surprise for you:

Loser Takes All if free right now on Amazon! Go and get it!

Also, here is a closer look at Afterglow(Upending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery Series Book 6) and a blurb:


With his secret out and uncertainty behind him, Tad finds himself in this new, incredible place. A place where, finally, he can just be himself. Which means no more over-analyzing every feeling Scott stirs inside him. Because now Tad’s got the confidence to act on them instead. To be with the guy that he’s head over heels with in every imaginable way. In public. In private. Without any reservations. An internal freedom he’s never known existed until Scott came and unlocked its door. Experience their story’s final installment, filled with playfulness, laughter and love. And, yup, some hot stuff, too.

Extra Information:

* The paperback edition of Tad’s story in its entirety—set to hit cyber stands following Afterglow’s release!

*A bundle for books 4-6 will also be coming out soon after.

Max & Sean’s novel-length story (Set to release 2016!)

Breck & Kai’s novel-length story (Release date: TBA)

Book 2: Buy here!

Book 3: Buy here!

Book 4: Buy here!

Book 5: Buy here!

Bundle Here!


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