Book Review: Dangerous (The Finn Factor #3) by R.G. Alexander

Dangerous (The Finn Factor, #3)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Own
Publication Date:August 15th 2015
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Point of View: 3rd Person (Brady, Jeremy & Owen)
Genres & Themes: M/M Romance, LGBTQA+, BDSM, Military, Erotica, Hackers


Do you like it Dangerous?

Brady Finn has been a cop and a Marine, but he’s never been in a situation as dangerous as this one. Waking up naked in the bed of a man he’s wanted for months—with no memory of how he got there—was only the beginning.

Rope Dom Ken Tanaka knows kink isn’t Brady’s scene, but he still can’t resist the tall, redheaded Boy Scout. When their search for a missing person requires Brady to go above and beyond the call of duty, they’ll both do what needs to be done for the mission—and give in to the undeniable passion between them.

Will their explosive chemistry last once the job is over? Or will taking that chance be more dangerous than either man is willing to risk?

Warning: Explicit male/male sexy times. Voyeurism with a touch of noncon, role playing, rope. And, once again, very serious about the graphic gay sex. I’m not sure why you don’t believe me… Also? An Evil League of Evil! Good kink vs scary villain kink (you’ve been warned), Finn Club rules and the aftereffects of The Great Rumming of 2015. I SAID RUMMING. Dirty minds.



“You’re a Finn. We go all in or not at all.”

Sometimes I read less than stellar books, and for some unknown reason to myself I go and read the companion novels. There are times, though, when the author scares me off and I refuse to read any novel by said author. This time around I surprised myself by going and picking this book. There it was in my kindle’s carousel, and then there I was clicking it open.

Dangerous is the third novel in The Finn Factor series. Though worry not each novel should be a standalone, and like me, if you were to not want to read a M/F book you can go ahead and skip it, though the protagonists of each novel do make appearances in other books. I read the first novel in the series, Curious, and I was impressed by it. Hence the lack of review.

“We can switch places,” Brady offered. “You two have more in common anyway. You like nice things, money fancy food—”

“Giant sexy gingers with repressed but explosive sexual energy just begging to be tapped,” Ken interrupted smoothly.

With this novel, I found myself enjoying it more. Brady Finn and Ken Tanaka make a scorching couple. The slow burn to a full sizzle was just what this novel needed. Each character has a bit of baggage that they need to work through before they can find themselves and each other.

The Great Rumming of 2015 sounds like one hell of a time, by the way. Like sign me up for this!  This just sounds like such an amazing event to have in your life, and to make a tradition out of. I got a visit from Owen and Jeremy and holy hell, did I love it. Their quickies novellas are enough for me to read on the series, so little hint: they’re will be a wedding bells novella in the horizon.

“He says whenever people say they’re fine, it means that they are too worn out from crying to go over why life sucks so bad.”

What I didn’t like? I thought the plot, or rather the case, was used as a plot device. Yeah, I used the word plot in plot device, but that doesn’t mean it was the plot. It merely was used to have a plot in the novel, and for the characters to have something to do other than banging each other senseless. The way it was writing I found lacking; in drive and in execution.

Also, I think the novels should be longer, because they way they’re written right now everything, not necessarily rushed, feels grasping. As if you’re getting somewhere just to have everything wrapped up in a neat package. The BDSM, or kink part of it needs little humpths, too. Not full on flogging, and pain pleasure, but at least some spanking.

“It was strange, but that was always how he’d seen himself—as pieces of other people.”

Would I recommend? If you want something quick and slightly scalding, but not enough to burn yourself, then this is it.

Let me know if you know the series and tell me your thoughts!


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