Book Review: Lost Boys Academy (Book Two: Distraction) by Aaron Ferrara

25237706My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Received: ARC
Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
Point of View: Third Person (Jimmy, Mason, Jake, Alex)
Genres & Themes: MM Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, LGBTQ,


Welcome to the Academy for lost young men…

BOOK #2 in the LOST BOYS ACADEMY series.

College life was supposed to be fun, but the young men attending the Lost Boys Academy will have to abandon all they know as they are forced to rehabilitate their homosexuality.

-With Jimmy’s secret still hidden from the rest of the students, he will go to great lengths to finish what he started.

-Jake takes the bet he has going with the guys a step further, jeopardizing his stay at the Academy.

-Kyle and Alex are at each others throats again, but being apart from each other is proving to be a much worse fate.

-When Mason’s family doesn’t show up for group therapy, he is faced with choosing to stay true to his faith, or giving in to the unescapable temptations at the Academy.


To the school of “misfit gay delinquents.”

I have to give it to the author for starting this book the way he did because I was at the edge of my desk (pun intended) and I might have squealed (a little). And then when it was revealed I remember making a note of: “NO! Author, you can’t do that to me!”

Where the first book was an introduction to the academy and orientation ( I need to stop it with this puns) to the boys and their stories, the second elaborates and fleshes out the characters. I must admit it that my curiosity with this series comes from not knowing where Ferrara is taking these kids. All I wondered during the first book is who will get with who, is the couple going to stay together, and who will really buy into the whole academy? This book has me even more intrigued and has changed my outlook on the characters.

With Jake, I remember just looking at him as the guy who every guy has a crush on, and not much has changed in this novel, and honestly I don’t want Jimmy or Alex, or Mason with him. During this novel, you see the inner workings of his mind, of what he’s going through, if he’s as confident as he makes himself out to be. Definitely more to him that the playboy he likes to present to others (beware a certain someone who makes an appearance).

With Alex and Kyle, I had my mind set on them staying a couple, like think OTP style, and maybe in the next series I’ll go back to that. But, this book kind of changed my perspective on Alex, I had this really innocent, lovely image of him. Frankly, I thought that Kyle went overboard with his jealousy, and a bit unhealthy of him to do it, but this book open a new image to that. I get why Kyle is like that, and honestly Alex went down on my list, and I might not want him with Kyle now. Really dislike reading that part (spoiler tag in my Goodreads review). 

“Alex figured he could enjoy the freedom while he had it. He just hoped he wasn’t going too far with it this time.”

What does that mean?

One of the hardest point of view to read, for me, is Mason. The way he feels, and the expectations he has from his grandmother, and it’s also interesting because he hasn’t even figured out his sexuality, not fully, or rather before that.

All this characters bring something to the table, and they have a lot to deal with; to figure out. From who they are to what they want to who they want, and the academy might teach them something about themselves away from their bigoted parents. Not from the Academy itself, but from the friendship they hopefully form with each other.

“But if the group session had taught him one thing, it was that every situation was unique. Every single one of the ‘lost boys’ was in an appalling situation, yet they all seemed to carry the same fate.”

I enjoyed some phrased that resonated and that people don’t talk about too often like:

“It was unfair to assume they were all hyper- sexual, like animals who couldn’t control themselves. Mason, for example, was a virgin.”


“I don’t believe in the book, but I do believe in God.”

There so much going on in this series, and this second book fleshes them out, but I think readers of the series can expect some twists, many emotions, and some tumulus times ahead. 

I promise if you read this book you’ll gobble it up within an hour ( I definitely did).

Ps. Check out the Webcomic. It goes with the novel and you have some visual to the adorable cast that makes up the Academy!

*An advance reading copy of Lost Boys 2: Distraction by Aaron Ferrara was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.*


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