Captive Prince Read-Along (& Review)

Captive Prince: Volume One (Captive Prince, #1)                          Captive Prince (Captive Prince, #1)

Hi, lovelies! This happens to be one of my favorite series, and I’ve been waiting for about two years for the third and final installment of this series, but with the release of the new cover when C.S. Pacat’s book was picked up by Penguin, and the release of Prince Gambit (Captive Prince Volume 2, formerly), I decided to host a Captive Prince Read-Along on my Tumblr account:  Keep Holding on to Books

Captive Prince Volume 1 and 2

This beauty is Captive Prince Volume 1 and 2

Captive Prince

This gorgeous cover is from the release of Penguin.

All fantasy books need maps!

You’re welcomed to join in this read-along via my Tumblr or you can share your comments in the comments!

My Review from 2013:

“You don’t understand it yet,” said Adastrus.”But you will. You’ll come to understand that what they are saying in the palace, in the taverns and in the streets is true. You’re a slave. You’re worth nothing. Prince Damianos is dead.”

He must stay quiet, inconspicuous. Enough presence of mind had returned to him to know that as price Damianos he would be unlikely to last a night alive in Vere. Better by far to be a nameless slave.

There’re certain topics I won’t go into. Yet I go and pride myself on having an open mind when it comes to books. I’ll read anything really, or so I thought that is until I stumbled upon this genre. We’ve all seen the Gay & Lesbian Genre, but how many of us venture there? And even if you do like it, how many books are written on this category? How many of them are in truth worthwhile and enjoyable?

That’s how I came about this book. To tell you the truth nothing really captivated me about this book at first glance; not the cover, not even the title, especially not the subject the book was written about. For I am quite a simple girl—give me a dash of romance and I’m a happy camper, add adventure, horror, whatever it might be and I’m there flipping the pages. But have it deal with humiliation, slaves, cancer, illness, violence and I’m out.

All the sudden I have this inkling, this tingle to get my hands on the book and I must have it, I need to read it. And I did. Two books in one sitting, two mesmerizing and enthralling volumes. Perhaps I’m a bit biased on this review having read both novels, but I guarantee that if you read the first one the second is a must.

I’m going to be real right now…I love spoilers. Writing them, that is. Not to spoil someone’s fun and ruin a book, but because when I’m excited about a book I want to discuss all of its twists and turns, the adventure, the angst. That’s me. Except for this book(yes, I still want to throw in some spoilers) I want you to go on its trek by yourselves. Fall in love with the characters, with their journey. Slowly and anticipating.

More to my confessions is that I knew the big twist, I’m a bit of a detective if I do say so myself. Therefore, it wasn’t a big surprise to me when it was unsheathed, but nonetheless enjoyable.

In order for me to recommend this story, I have to dole out some details. For example, if you’re looking for a story that goes from foe to lover in the first 50 or so pages, then stop and forget it. Honestly, those stories are unrealistic. Now, if you want a good build up then stay on reading my list. This first volume is more enemy to reluctant bodyguard at the end of the novel. Fear not my friend because the journey there is quite a roller coaster. If you’re squeamish about the slave, then hold your horses. Damen is a prince, a warrior, not quite a barbarian, as Vere people dubbed him, but someone who is not submissive. There in lies the slave solution, he knows he has to yield to Laurent, but he does it on his terms. Coming out as him wanting to do things, not being order.

Also, there is a rape scene. It goes with how Vere people live, and not justified, but it a bit like Spartacus arena gladiator entertainment. Again, not condoning it, but it goes with the story. See, that’s what this novel does, it creates this world, with its own rules and own pleasures. Like, male and male, female and female, are not seen as gay or lesbian in Vere, but as a means to not getting ‘bastard’ children and still having pleasure.

There’s a bit of flogging, but again this adds to the world of Vere and Akielon.

If there is something this author does is captivate from that first sentence right until its precipice. From its world building, to its character development, to the action scenes. You will not be disappointed.

As to the characters-Damen and Laurent. Damen is someone who is strong willed, and brave, good-hearted. Laurent is portrayed as highly conniving, but equally intelligent, always having a motive for everything he does. That adds up to a sizzling chemistry, even if they don’t see it. The way their interactions build up is truly a work of art. What I liked most is that Damen wasn’t a dumb brute, someone who goes smashing the walls when he finds himself captive on enemy frontiers. He doesn’t go and do something inane. Instead, he thinks and hold himself back. Plans what he is going to do, and cares for his other captive people.

As for Laurent, even though he is portrayed as this hard, stoned man, you can see the humanity that the author intended for him. Never did I hate him, not even during the flogging, or the insults. Because I know the author didn’t want for that, but it shows that there must be something underlying there.

He’s a complex, and equally enthralling character. Finding yourself asking what his next step is, and how he going to go about getting himself out of the situations he’s forced in.

And since I’m doing individual reviews, I’ll leave it here and continue on to volume two.

I’m saying this once more: Read this book. You will not be disappointed. At all

Someone talk to me about this book

I will be writing a new review once I’m done with the book so stay tuned! Does the story sound interesting?

Read Captive Prince’s blurb here:


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