Book Reviews: Which Books are Worth Reviewing?

With so little time, so many books, how do readers choose which books to review? Well, I can’t exactly speak for everyone or anyone, but I can tell you how I decide which books I’ll be reviewing. About a year ago I’d said that I reviewed every book I read and seeing how I read 100+ it seems rather trying and demanding, and just plain exhausting. It is. Which is why this year, or rather from here on out things will be different. With me, at least.

There are good books and bad books, not in the way they are but in what they invoke in a reader. If a book haunts me, takes a little of my soul with it, confounds me, claws and rips through me, I want the world to know. I want to the world to go on the ride with me, to feel and discuss the feelings such book arouses. What if it’s a not so good book? I’ll review a book I didn’t particularly like not because I want to slander or trash talk it, but because I want to explain where it felt short, the potential that was thwarted, the why. Though never to take the chance of another reader. I’ll offer trigger warnings and potential squeamish warnings.

So with so many books to read, how much time do I put into it? Every spare time I have will always be the answer. School takes a lot of my time, I have midterms (3 for one class, mind you), readings, journals, essays, tests, drawings, and more reading. Why does reading for school drain out the fun in reading?

Between classes, on the bus, a break from homework I read. Currently, it’s The Song of Achilles, which I’m going to tell you already (spoiler) I’ll be reviewing. Whilst taking a stroll through my neighbour, at the end of March, I find this bed of leaves. It’s like a page out of fall, only it’s spring, but I had The False Prince in my hands and the most beautiful picture was captured. A little story: I bought TFP at Wal-Mart for $1.50, and I want to know why.

Awesome news is that I was approved for an ARC of House of Echoes, which I’m super excited about since I’ve been looking for a scary story, so let me know if you’ve heard of it. Also, someone lent me Axel’s Pup, a bit daunting—the page.

To Be Read List (in no particular order):

A Song of Achilles

House of Echoes

Axel’s Pup

Outlander (before the season is over)

The Night Circus

This list will be for the upcoming week.

What is your to be read looking like? Anyone book you’re particularly excited about? What books on my list will you like reviewed?

 In love with the view…And yes, I’m talking about the book.
Percy Jackson Read at the top of Miami Downtown

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