Review: Sideline Submission and Prized Possession by Kora Knight (Two for One Thursday)

Prized Possession (Up-Ending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery, #4)Sideline Submission (Up-Ending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery, #3)

Sideline Submission

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Received: Loaned via Booklending
Publication Date: November 21, 2014
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Point of View: 3rd Person (Tad)
Genres & Themes: M/M Romance, Erotica, Voyeurism


Round two with Scott hadn’t been what Tad expected, but it did end up providing a few important realizations. For one, that crazy first encounter was definitely more than mere male hormones. Which meant he felt a true attraction to the guy. Something that explained his defenselessness against Scott’s smoldering charms. Seriously, the dude had cut through his fortifications like the things hadn’t even existed.
Which, yeah, was pretty unsettling.
So Tad had resolved to cope with his findings the only logical way he knew how: purge the guy from his system once and for all by staying away for good. Unfortunately, that proved way more uncomfortable than he’d anticipated. Seemed his ‘stupid infatuation’ ran considerably deeper, which made going cold-turkey one miserable chore.
So when Scott unexpectedly seeks him out, Tad’s too drained to fight his turmoil any longer. Allowing himself a much needed fix, he agrees to hang out, neither he nor Scott knowing Dom boy Max will end up part of the deal. What starts out as an unassuming evening quickly turns shockingly licentious. Question is, will Tad be able to handle it? And more importantly, what path will it send him down in his ongoing journey of discovery?

Prized Possession

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Received: Loaned via Booklending
Publication Date: February 7, 2015
Publisher: Not specified
Point of View: 3rd Person (Tad)
Genres & Themes: M/M Romance, Erotica


With Tad’s reservations firmly on the one-eighty, he’s finally more at ease exploring this intriguing new part of himself, especially where his attraction, and affections, for Scott are concerned. But when their evening plans get cancelled, Tad winds up watching the guy in action at the gym instead. Kickboxing lessons lead to sparring, which in turn leads to a face-off more erotic than Tad could have ever imagined. With huge new boundaries crossed, both men are floored like never before. Have these milestones finally put all Tad’s hang-ups behind him?

Warning: this 30k+ story includes erotically rough physical play and graphically explicit gay sex.
Intended for mature audiences only


Ever read a short story, novella, novelette that just captures your attention so much that if it expanded into a full fledge novel you know you’d be the first one pre-ordering it? Well, that’s this book.

This is how you hook a reader. This is how you change the game. This is how you know the readers will be there along for the ride.

I thought of making two separate reviews, but I came to the same conclusion each time I tried to start each review—they have the same raving review from me.

Sideline Submission and Prized Possession scream this is how you write erotica and give it flesh.

Kora Knight seduces you with titillating passion, an eroticism that you feel through your body, making you flush, but she soothes you with cuddles and sweet nothings.

Never had I ever believed an erotic tale so much as I have with this series. I’m talking about feeling the trance, and magnetism of two characters who have so much chemistry on and off the sex scenes. Tad and Scott do it for me, the way they do it for each other.

It starts off with sex, but I could see it transcending, and it’s so subtle but so true, that I felt it with them. Even if they can’t admit it to each other, or themselves.

“Being with him, however, made Tad inexplicably happy. On every freaking level. Because even though Scott made his head fucking spin, Tad’s outlook was clearly shifting.”

The amount of character development we see from Tad is staggering, because, yes, it hard and sometimes frustrating to see a character struggling with something, but it’s so real to see it because that’s how most of us are. Tad is truly discovering himself, not only in the erotic sense but in a self-way. Finding himself, and if that means he’s ga, or bi, or Scottsexual, is something that he has to find out for himself, in his own time, and then process it, and accept it.

In Sideline Submission, you see Scott taking the initiative and contacting Tad, which I just rejoiced. Things escalate a bit, eh, more like a lot, when Max has a special request; think voyeurism. It’s not for everyone, I usually don’t like it, just because I like my two characters to be only into each other, even though, obviously, they’ll find others hot. But with this it was hot, but also Knight made it about Scott and Tad. Impressive, huh?

“Yeah…I think I’m starting to. I mean, you make me feel things. Inside. And out. And goddamn, all fucking over.”

And like every Upending book it leaves you anxiously anticipating the next, not wanting it to ever finish….I sound like Tad and Scott when they get going…

Prized Possession gives you a glimpse of what could be a blossoming relationship outside of the scorching sex, which agreeing with Tad, isn’t bad but to have more, seeing each other everyday is something that can be in the horizon for them.

“Please,” he murmured. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you all week.”

The way they treat each other since that first encounter is so sweet, and passionate at the same time. Their chemistry and connection isn’t forced it comes off as this sensual and sincere relationship, whether it be as friends or possible couple.

“Note to self: Do this shit all night.”

“ Second note to self: Kiss Scott more often. Way better than booze.”

My note to self: Keep reading this story, Is.

I’ve encounter this time and again, how erotica is just about sex, so if you’re one of those that want to try something that has something on the side, then this series will seriously not disappoint.

To Tad and Scott, respectively, or together:

I’m here counting the days until the next release. Can you believe that I didn’t spoil myself to see if there was a next in the series? Because, yes, it ends in “I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT NOW” way.

To Kora Knight: I need the next book. And seriously, if you want to give Tad and Scott a novel, I’m so there.

 Ever wanted a book you read on your kindle in a hard paper copy?


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