Review: Mission X (Love has No Boundaries) by Kim Alan

Mission: X (Mission X, #1)

Mission: X by Kim Alan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Received: Free
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2014
Publisher: M/M Romance Group @ Goodreads
Point of View: 3rd Person & Alternative (Xander & Paul)
Genres & Themes: M/M Romance,Love, LGBT, BDSM, Age Difference, Daddy Kink (Not MC’s)


Dear Author,
This is X. As you can see from the image, he’s a pretty bookish and calm fellow. He likes nothing better than cuddles and early morning sex and then some more cuddles.
It wasn’t his choice to be dressed in dark jeans and a super tight tank top to go to a fetish club of all things. He doesn’t even own leather! BDSM is the new thing, his best girlfriend said. Haven’t you read that book? She asked.
Now, because he owed her one, he went. And then this guy walked into his view. The Dom doesn’t seem to care about the newbies snickering at his “skirt” or his black nail polish and everyone else seems to respect him a lot.
X wasn’t there to attract attention, but a little mishap and suddenly he’s on his knees next to the guy and… he feels right at home? What the hell?


I’m not even that angry.

I’m not. Really.

There so much aspects that I was vigorously shaking my head at, because of how they were worded, executed and just viewed.

There’s Xander, a guy who’s been badly burned before, who can’t find a guy to really love and that loves him back equally as much. He’s also had a not so dignified encounter with one Mr. Forrest, and that leaves him to avoid him like the plague.

Here comes in Lara, otherwise known as ‘Wench.’ And in introduces to my first quibble: BDSM was played off as a place where someone, Xander, might meet a man. Like no, BDSM is a lifestyle, honey. It isn’t a blind date, or a bar scene, or just some weekend scene to meet new people. BDSM is for people who have an inclination for that life/world.

Whatever. Onwards.

Then, we meet Paul. Or rather shall we say Mr. Forrest and another irksome thing came out. Paul lies to Xander, he conceals his identity to get into Xander’s pants, it is what is, Paul. At what time was Paul going to come clean?

Biggest complaint there. It was never touched upon again.

The thing with short stories, novellas, is that we get in to the story in the cusp of action. We have little time to connect or really get to know a character, and all to soon it’s over. With little to no resolution or a what happened after….

We visit some other characters from a previous story: The Bigger They Are, with characters like Wren and his Daddy, Charlie.

Which I hate when an established couple is then changed a bit. Although, it really wasn’t changed, but I didn’t want to view them like that.

I rated it three, because I liked it more than The Bigger They are, but not by much.

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